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Supportive Friend

Breaking the Cycle

Our community Outreach Programs tap into the amazing work already being done in our community. These initiatives are designed to fill gaps in services for people experiencing chronic homelessness, but are not willing or cannot be served by our current shelters. Whether someone is facing substance abuse, mental illness, or has a criminal record, these pilot programs are designed to provide peer support and resources in an effort to break the cycle of homelessness.

Our Programs

Giving Money

Keep Your Change to Be the Change Panhandling Program

In partnership with the City of Greenville, we’re proud to participate in the Keep Your Change to Be the Change Panhandling Program. Innovative programs like this have been adopted by cities across the country in an effort to re-route donations to organizations that can make a wider impact on their communities. Rather than giving spare change to local panhandlers, we encourage the community to donate directly to UHC to fund important resources and initiatives that support people experiencing homelessness.

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