When you donate to United Housing Connections you invest in someone's future. And when you invest in someone

else's future, you are investing in your own. Invest in a home and see the returns in our community as you help your neighbors stay housed, get and keep jobs, pay taxes and give back to our community. Check out UHC's 2020 990.

Your Investment

When you give to United Housing Connections, you 

are investing in and providing more than just a house alone- they are given wraparound services to ensure that they remain housed and are poised to experience upward economic mobility. An investment as small as $25 helps a family afford cleaning supplies to keep their new home a space to be proud of. 


A donation of $25 can help a 

family afford all the cleaning 

supplies they need to keep their new home a space to be proud of. 


You can donate items directly to United Housing Connections by dropping off in-kind gifts at our main office at 135 Edinburgh Ct, Greenville, SC 29607. 

You can also donate items to the SOS Thrift Store in United Housing Connections' name. Our clients will be provided vouchers to shop the store themselves. For more information click here.