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It is often said that volunteers don't have more time than anyone else, just more heart. When you donate your time to United Housing Connections, whether it's through pitching in at an event to serving on our board, your contribution not only helps change the lives of those we serve, but also shows our community just how homelessness effects us all.  

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

While we are proud to provide essential services and care, one of the most important factors to well-being is social interaction. It's very simple, yet so impactful. You can have a lasting impact by reaching out and adopting a group of residents to provide a meal once a month and host a Christmas Party, Thanksgiving meal, or even a summer barbecue once a year.


Special Event Volunteer Opportunities

Join United Housing Connections on September 27th for United Way's Live United Day! We are offering a volunteer opportunity this year at Reedy Place in downtown Greenville that includes landscaping. If your group is interested in this opportunity, visit our Agency Profile