United Housing Connections (UHC) is requesting a thirty-six (36) month service proposal from qualified and fully insured Security staffing professionals to provide security personnel on site for 108 hrs. per week for our Reedy Place Property in Greenville, SC.   The property consists of two buildings with 23 residents.   Services are to begin October 1, 2021 (upon acceptance of the bid and the execution of a service agreement).

   The Security Firm shall furnish all labor, uniforms, basic security and safety training and skills required to monitor the two buildings, recording any unusual behavior, and notifying management or calling emergency services when needed.   Work areas should be maintained in a neat, orderly, and safe condition throughout the contract period.

Please base your proposal on the following services, terms, and conditions.

Security Services:

  1. Make Rounds of Property once per hour.

    1. Two buildings inside and outside

    2. Check exterior doors that they are secure

    3. Check any unoccupied units.

    4. Change route to avoid routine

  2. Document observations (any abnormal activity – visual or via camera)

  3. Light Housekeeping make sure work area and bathroom used are clean

  4. Interact with the residents in professional manner – (nothing should be given to residents, nothing should be signed for the residents and no residents should be transported, etc.)

  5. Document issues that the residents inform security of and report to management or case worker applicable details in a timely manner.

  6. Answer incoming phone and take messages for residents.

  7. Document visitors in the building and alert management

  8. Supervise special events such as breakfast being brought in

  9. Complete incident reports

  10. Distribute supplies as needed to residents

  11. Call emergency personnel if someone is in distress

  12. Notify management of any maintenance issues

  13. Continuously review camera monitors

  14. If alarm systems are down, complete rounds every 30 minutes.


108 Hours

   Coverage needs outlined below.  Extra coverage may be needed for UHC personnel vacation, holidays, and sick time.  Vacation notice will be 1 week in advance.  Holiday hours are known annually. Sick hours have 2 hrs. notice. 


Mon-Tues           Noon to 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to Midnight (one security professional each shift or one for a 12-hr. shift)

Wed-Fri                Noon to Midnight (one Security professional for 12-hr. shift)

Sat -Sun               12 hour shifts Midnight Friday night to midnight Sunday Night


Communication/Reporting/Quality Control:

UHC’s mission is to connect people at-risk for or currently experiencing homelessness with safe, sustainable and affordable homes. Given the needs of this vulnerable population, timely communication and reporting of any issues that need to be addressed with our properties is imperative and is expected of our vendor.  


Contractor Expectations:

  1. Shall not subcontract any of the work to any other company.

  2. Shall employ security staff and train at contractors expense

  3. Shall provide invoices with supporting timesheets

  4. Shall provide a quote for Client approved for any work performed outside of the Contractors normal scope of work. UHC reserves the right to obtain additional quotes and services from trade companies other than the Contractor.

  5. Shall  comply with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances which may be applicable to the nature and scope of the work involved.



The Contractor shall maintain at its expense during the term of the Contract the following insurance;

  1. Professional Liability Insurance.

  2. General Liability Insurance-in the amount of $500,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate naming United Housing Connections as an additional insured.

  3. Contractor will carry Worker’s Comp Insurance for their employees on site.

Terms of Compensation:

  1. Contractor understands this is NOT a contract of employment, but an agreement for payment of a fee for services only. It is to be understood that the provider is not an employee of UHC.

  2. No income tax or social security will be withheld from compensation.

  3. For UHC’s income reporting the Contractor will complete a W-9 form providing either a tax ID #.

  4. No benefits such as insurance are included in this agreement.

  5. The fee for the services shall be mutually agreed upon by the Vendor and UHC.

Physical and mailing address:    United Housing Connections

135 Edinburgh Ct., Suite 201

Greenville, SC 29607

Email:                                                   accounting@uhcsc.org

Questions:                                          864-770-0709

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