How WE Serve

For 21 years, United Housing Connections has served the Upstate community by working with community partners, like-minded companies, and other non-profits, to advocate on behalf of people experiencing homelessness. We connect a vulnerable group with the resources needed to start on a pathway to success. We meet those needs by providing holistic, individualized case management. Through this approach, those we serve become housed and independent.
At United Housing Connections, we understand that the homelessness issue is multi-faceted and complex. Our clients aren't just numbers or statistics, they are people with their own unique stories. We work to break the cycle of homelessness throughout our Upstate community. We do this by providing temporary housing placement for people experiencing homelessness, transitional housing for unaccompanied youth, and permanent housing and care for the mentally and physically disabled who are experiencing homelessness. We also prevent low income and at-risk people from entering the cycle of homelessness by providing connections to support services. If you or someone you know needs help, click here.