• Emily Neal

12 Days of Impact- Milton

In Greenwood County there are few housing options that offer truly affordable homes to low income individuals and families- about 1,100 units total. One of those options, Twin Oaks, is owned by United Housing Connections and accounts for a good percentage of the affordable housing in Greenwood. UHC purchased Twin Oaks in 2014 to prevent the apartment buildings from being demolished, which would have made the 250 adults and children living there instantly homeless.

One of those residents is Milton. An elderly man of deep faith with a story to tell, Milton moved into Twin Oaks when it was first built in the 1970s. Though he faced many hard times throughout his life, he has continued to live at Twin Oaks. He credits his faith, friendships and the stability he has found there for getting him through those rough times. Today, Milton is seen as a grandfather figure to many of the Twin Oaks residents, as they come to gather around Building 2 to hear his stories.

In addition to single moms with children, Twin Oaks is home to other elderly residents like Milton who rely on a fixed income to afford rent, utilities, food and other basic needs. Sadly, the cost of living continues to rise, but incomes do not, which is why it’s crucial that United Housing Connections keeps rent at an affordable level for Twin Oaks residents.

In 2017 United Housing Connections also began much needed repairs to the exterior of each building. The stairs leading up to the top level apartments are dangerous and in need of repair. Through a generous grant from the Self Family Foundation, United Housing Connections has begun to make those important repairs, as well as restoring the playground for the children. The Greenwood Community Foundation generously provided funds to upgrade outside lighting and make additional upgrades to the playground, which will be completed in 2018.

Without the support from the Greenwood community, United Housing Connections would not be able to offer safe, decent, affordable housing to 250 of Greenwood’s most vulnerable. If their community at Twin Oaks disappeared, many like Milton, would lose the only home they’ve ever known.

Thank you Greenwood community, for your kind support!

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