• Emily Neal

12 Days of Impact Markita and Devante

This summer, Markita, Devante and their one-year-old son, Zeke, moved to Seneca, SC to live with Devante’s brother. Soon, they began having disagreements with the brother and were forced to move out as it began to escalate into a violent situation. Being new to the area with no other family or friends to turn to, they began living in their car. During this time, Devante was hired at Burger King. With nowhere else to go during his shift, Markita would sit in the restaurant with their son and wait for him to get off work.

The assistant manager of Burger King quickly noticed Markita and brought Devante and Markita over to discuss their situation. Rather than turn Markita away and reprimand Devante, the manager told them about United Housing Connections. She immediately recognized their situation because years earlier she had also been homeless and had gone to United Housing Connections for help. When she reached us, we were able to get her housing and connect her with one of our case managers, Doris Dunn. Remembering the impact this had on her life, she called Doris immediately to ask if there was anyway United Housing Connections could help Markita and Devante. Acting swiftly, Doris had them moved into Trey’s House within a few days.

Trey’s House is an emergency shelter in Anderson that is operated by United Housing Connections with Doris serving as the case manager. With two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and laundry facilities, Markita, Devante and little Zeke finally found a place they could call home, at least temporarily. Since they moved into Trey’s House in August, Markita has found a full-time job and Devante has been promoted and now makes $12.00 an hour. With housing and the support of a caring case manager like Doris, Markita and Devante have found an apartment that they will be moved into by Christmas.

The beginning of their story is familiar to many of us who have moved to a new place hardly knowing anyone. But unlike many of us, violence became a regular part of life and they knew they had to leave for the safety of their family. With nowhere else to turn, homelessness became their reality. But, through the care and compassion of a few individuals and being given the keys to their own home, they have been able to lift themselves up and start a new life in Anderson. Now, they can celebrate Christmas from the comfort of their own home and begin to make memories with Zeke filled with joy and stability.

Do you know someone in a situation like Markita and Devante? Please connect them with United Housing Connections by having them call (864)241-0462.

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