• Emily Neal

12 Days of Impact- Jonathan

Jonathan* came to United Housing Connections nearly seven years ago in the hopes of finding a home. As a man nearing middle age, he had been in and out of the judicial system for most of his adult life primarily for charges related to being homeless. Each time he went to prison, Jonathan was pushed further away from the opportunity to find a home and leave homelessness behind permanently. But then, during his last time spent in prison he was so severely beaten that he was left disabled and in need of reconstructive surgery.

After he was released, Jonathan came to United Housing Connections in search of help. Here, he was connected to a Permanent Supportive Housing program called Home At Last, which is specifically designed for homeless persons with a disability. He met his case manager, Cindy Coxie, who began his journey home with him.

When Cindy describes Jonathan’s journey she beams with pride over how much he has overcome. In the seven years since he entered the Home At Last program, Jonathan has not entered the judicial system once- the longest stretch of time he has remained out of prison in his adult life. He has created a life for himself in his home in Anderson, SC and looks forward to visits with Cindy. A tall man who becomes loud when excited, it’s understandable how some may have seen Jonathan as threatening, but now he is seen for who he truly is. Jonathan credits all the positive changes in his life to finding a home.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of United Housing Connections’ client and those involved.

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