• Emily Neal

12 Days of Impact- Joe

Situated in downtown Greenville, Reedy Place is a Safe Haven designed for individuals with severe mental and/or physical disabilities who have been experiencing homelessness for a prolonged period of time. Earlier this year, Reedy Place had the opportunity to add one of these individuals to their family. With open arms, we welcomed Joe and his infectious smile.

Since joining the family, Joe has become the unofficial greeter of Reedy Place. Recently, our team was waiting for some visitors to show the successes of Reedy Place first-hand. Joe quickly got wind of this important visit and took it upon himself to be part of the welcoming committee. As time passed, we realized our visitors were running behind and Joe became antsy. He began walking around Reedy Place talking to all his friends, but was sure to check-in within five minutes or less to see if they had arrived. When they finally did, he was there smiling, ready to give them a hug.

Christmas is Joe’s favorite time of year. This year, he came to an impromptu decorating of the Reedy Place Christmas tree and carefully hung ornaments, garland and candy canes on the tree. As his eyes glittered with joy he told stories of past Christmases and how excited he was this year.

But Joe’s life has not always been filled with joy. He also shares stories of places he has previously lived, including the streets. He talks of fights and how scared he was every day trying to survive. When hearing these stories it’s hard to imagine someone who radiates positivity as Joe does being involved in fights and fighting for his life.

Reedy Place exists to serve people like Joe who are in need of a stable home, but are unable to provide for one on their own. For some, Reedy Place will be their home for the rest of their life. For some, it will serve as a home where they find their footing and can move on. And for some, it will serve them until their needs are too great and we are able to move them into a home with even more intensive care services. For all of our residents, Reedy Place serves as a place they call home and find their family.

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