• Emily Neal

12 Days of Impact- Jasmine

After spending her childhood in foster care, Jasmine* eventually aged out of the system and found herself in the Upstate. With no home, job, or support, she found herself struggling to get by on the streets for years.

Recently, she found herself pregnant and living out of her car. Desperate for help with a child on the way, Jasmine found UHC. She was connected with her case manager, Rachel Reed, who ultimately helped her get into an apartment just a few months shy of giving birth. Without finding housing, Jasmine most likely would’ve had to give up her baby.

Jasmine’s journey has been long and difficult, but has taken a turn in the right direction thanks to UHC. Now Jasmine has a roof over her head, landed a job, received a scholarship, and is hoping to start school soon. She also reconnected with her sister who she had lost touch with in foster care. Most importantly for Jasmine, she is thankful to have safe and affordable housing to raise her child. Though her journey with UHC is just beginning, we are excited to stand beside Jasmine as she takes steps towards independence.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of United Housing Connections’ clients and those involved.

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