• Emily Neal

12 Days of Impact- Anna

Being a single mom comes with what seems like an endless number of hurdles, but there are some hurdles that are just too high to get over alone. Anna came to United Housing Connections after a time spent in jail while also suffering from drug addiction. She was facing an open DSS case in an attempt to regain custody of her son, John, and mounting restitution, probation and court fees.

Anna’s case manager, Cindy Coxie, connected her with affordable housing and resources to help her reach her goals of reuniting with John, becoming sober, improving her health by losing weight, and providing for her family. With counseling, Anna was able to face the traumatic events of her past that later lead to her drug addiction and struggles with weight. She was also able to regain custody of her sweet son, John, and has paid off the majority of her legal fees. Today, Anna is sober, has lost nearly 200 pounds, has been promoted from an associate to the manager of McDonald’s, and is able to fill her home with furniture and toys for John.

In facing what seemed like impossible situations of addiction, loss of custody and mounting debt, Anna was able to overcome and succeed. She has been part of United Housing Connections’ Permanent Supportive Housing program for four years now and continues to tell Cindy about all the progress she has been able to make because she was given an affordable home. Anna’s driving force is to provide for her son and give him the best future that she can. When we reflect on where she was four years before entering the program, we can all be proud of the life she has created for herself and John and look forward to what is next for them.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of United Housing Connections’ clients and those involved.

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