• Emily Neal

12 Days of Impact- Alison Storm & Reedy Place

Christmas is always a time for family and celebration. For Alison Storm of HIS Radio, it’s also the time to give back. For 11 years now, Alison and her team have hosted an annual Christmas Party at Reedy Place. Each year her team plans exciting activities and carefully crafts gifts for each of the residents.

Within the first few minutes of Alison’s arrival, residents flocked to the common area with smiling faces, excited for the fun to begin. The residents filled up on homemade treats and played games. They sang along to Christmas carols as someone played the guitar. Hearing the music, one resident came out with his keyboard to join in spreading the Christmas cheer. He even stuck around to play a few original songs for everyone!

Alison knows most of the residents by name and always takes the time to meet the new faces. As she called out everyone by name to receive their presents, it was easy to see the excitement as everyone tore open their gift. But the biggest gift of all was the quality time shared between Alison and her team and the Reedy Place residents. Every conversation and every laugh sticks with the residents throughout the year.

Christmas can be a lonely time for those who are having a hard time or don’t have family to visit with. But for many of the residents, Reedy Place is home and their fellow residents are family. Alison makes every Christmas at Reedy Place special, and she too, is part of the Reedy Place family.

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