Church Street Place at Poe Mill

What is Chronic Homelessness?

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Did you know that the highest concentration of homeless individuals in the state of South Carolina is here, in the Upstate? 

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development defines a person experiencing chronic homelessness as someone sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation, living on the streets or in a homeless emergency shelter.

The Cost of Homelessness

Homelessness in Greenville, South Carolina

Did you know that there were 180
chronically homeless people identified in
January of 2019 living on the streets of
Greenville, a city nationally known for its
amazing growth and beauty? These
people are highly vulnerable, as they
often wait until they are in crisis before
seeking help. Daily essentials we take for
granted such as nutritious food, a warm,
dry place to rest, clean clothes and a hot
shower are hard to come by.

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Church Street Place at Poe Mill

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